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Condé Introduces LaserMPrints GO UNO Color Laser Printer

Mobile, AL - November 2, 2011 - Condé™ Systems, Inc. has added the LaserMPrints™ GO UNO™ color laser printer to its family of products for heat transfer. The LaserMPrints GO UNO is the first and only LED color laser printer with 11"x17" media output specifically built and certified for heat transfer papers. Developed by OKI and Neenah Paper, the unit's trusted OKI print engine and enhanced toners produce exceptional quality 11"x17" color laser transfers for colored fabrics and coated and uncoated hard substrates. Additionally, the LaserMPrints GO UNO has built-in media weights and color profiles for Neenah (IMAGE CLIP®, Techni-Print 4.0, LASER-ONE-OPAQUE®) and Condé brand transfer papers. "For years, we had to manipulate existing color laser copiers and printers to run transfer papers. Now we have a digital print system that was designed to produce digitally decorated products like shirts, tote bags, plaques, tiles, and awards," says Douglas DeWitt, Product Manager for Condé Systems. "The LaserMPrints GO UNO is easy to operate, works with a wide variety of color laser transfer papers, produces more durable output than ink jet, and has a better return-on-investment than Direct-to-Garment units." The LaserMPrints GO UNO is available in the United States through Condé Systems. Visit www.conde.com for additional information and pricing.

Condé is the recognized leader in the digital transfer market and offers everything needed to get into the custom imprinting business including ink jet and color laser printers, professional heat transfer papers, production software, and heat presses. Many have made a profession at heat transfer as a short-run solution to screen printing - others use heat transfer for in-house marketing, corporate functions, personalized awards, and customized gifts. Anyone who has access to a color printer can transfer full-color images and designs onto t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote bags, ribbons, purses, mousepads, keyboard wrist rests, robes, team jerseys, aprons, shorts, and more. During all stages of product selection, sales, and post sales, Condé offers expert knowledge and superior customer support. Condé and DyeTrans are trademarks of Condé Systems, Inc. Other brands and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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