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Road to Sublimation Success - Sublimating to Cotton - by David Gross

PDF version of the Road to Sublimation Success - "Sublimating to Cotton" - by David Gross 

Custom Gift Annual 2016 - Profiting from Smartphones - by David Gross

PDF version of the Custom Gift Annual article "Profiting from Smartphones" - by David Gross 

NBM Baltimore 2016 Presentation - by David Gross & Jeff Butler

PDF version of the NBM Baltimore 2016 Presentation - by David Gross & Jeff Butler 

A&E Magazine - Cashing in on Cuff Bracelets - by David Gross

PDF version of the A&E Magazine "Cashing in on Cuff Bracelets" by David Gross. 

A&E Magazine - Three Cheers for Cheer Bows - by David Gross

PDF version of the A&E Magazine "Three Cheers for Cheer Bows" by David Gross. 

A&E Magazine - Widen the Road - Virtuoso VJ628 - by David Gross

PDF version of the A&E Magazine "Road to Sublimation Success" by David Gross discussing the new Virtuoso VJ628. 

New Printers Hit the Road - NBM March Article - David Gross

The Sawgrass Virtuoso desktop sublimation printer series. 

The Sublimation Report Spring 2014 - New Substrates


NBM Arlington Presentation - David Gross


A&E September Article by David Gross


A&E April Article by David Gross


Metal Prints Go Viral! - A&E September 2013

These past two weeks, I’ve had a great time mixing business with pleasure by combining a much-needed family vacation with a teaching engagement I had at the Independent Photo Imagers Conference and Show in Las Vegas. 

Decorating Covers for Smart Phones and Devices

It is not very often that our Road to Sublimation Success encounters a true game changing product category, but that is exactly what has happened in the last year with the introduction of sublimatable covers for smart phones, tablets, e-readers, and other popular electronic devices. 

Sublimation Report 2011 Road to Sublimation Success Full Throttle Ricoh Update


Sublimation Almanac 2010 Road to Sublimation Success My Best 101 tips and tricks


Sublimation Almanac 2009 Road To Sublimation Success Full Throttle Move Over Epson



Article by Ken Taylor, owner of Taylor Designs II, Inc. on sublimating metal. 

Sublimation Almanac 2005 StreetSmart Color Matching

Imagine being able to produce sublimated products with complete certainty that the colors will come out the way your customer expects them to? Of all the challenges digital decorators encounter, none is greater than the need to deliver the right colors. 

Print Wear July 2007 Street Smart Color Matching Update

Yes, some digital decorators would say that color matching is impossible. And, without a doubt, the number-one issue I help them with is color matching. Specifically, how do you deliver the color that your customer is expecting? 

Print Wear - Aug 2009 Straight Talk About Sublimation

Great article by David Gross outlining the top 10 mistakes and misconceptions regarding sublimation imprinting followed by some straight talk to clear things up. 

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